Indica, Sativa & Hybrids - What’s The Difference?

The age-old question when it comes to Cannabis!

Let's start by looking at the differences between Indica, Sativa & Hybrids:


  • High: Relaxing, Body hitting

  • Strength: Higher amounts of THC are usually found in Indica strains

  • Plant Characteristics: Usually shorter & fuller plants which tend to be a bit bushier with thicker leaves

  • Grow Time: Most will fall into the 8-10 week time period and will be shorter than a straight Sativa (e.g Amnesia Haze) but with more and more hybrid strains available it may not be all that different.


  • High: Uplifting, Head high

  • Strength: Strength can vary on Sativa plants but most would range in the medium-strong category.

  • Plant Characteristics: Taller & skinnier plants with thinner and more separated leaves.

  • Grow Time: Sativa plants tend to take a bit longer than an Indica and if you are going for a pure Sativa you are probably looking at 12 weeks or longer.


Now with hybrids, it's not quite as clear cut as with the original Indica or Sativa strains. With more and more strains being crossed to bring the world the new flavors and boutique strains it is harder to give an all-round judgment of hybrids today.

When you take an Indica plant & a Sativa plant and cross them you can get lots of different phenotypes this is what makes detailing the characteristics of the hybrids quite difficult.

Once you have a plant that you have crossed with another; if you were to seed that plant and then grow 10 of those seeds you could come back with 10 different phenotypes, conversely you might just come back with 2 - the possibilities are endless!

With this being the case, once crossing a Sativa & Indica you may end up with 5 plants that have shown characteristics of the Sativa plant while the other 5 plants show stronger characteristics of the Indica plant. While not all phenotypes are the same you should be able to find certain characteristics of each plant.

An example of this is a grow conducted by one of our sponsored growers using DNA Genetics 24K (Kosher Kush x Tangie). In this recorded grow all 6 seeds were from the same packet, all germinated and planted at the same time and sourced directly from DNA Genetics, so definitely legit genetics.

The outcome?

3 of the plants had a real zesty fruity taste to them which came through from the Tangie and the other 3 had more of a gassy kush taste which we can put down to the Kosher Kush. Although a completely different taste for each set of 3 the potency of each of them was consistent.

From the look, it was hard to tell the difference between the phenos but as soon as you got a whiff or a taste the difference was clear as day!

It has been reported that there are loads of different phenos in each strain of cannabis seeds and although some may taste or smell the same they can still be totally different.

Keep an eye and a nose out to see if you can see the differences in your next grow and if the final products can be differentiated between each other!


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