Phenotypes & why they can be different

Ever got some bud so good you went to get it again and it was totally different? Let's look at the reason why.

Within all cannabis plants you can get multiple phenotypes of that particular strain. These come from the cannabis plants nature and previous breeding. Although you might get a pack of 10 weed seeds not all of those cannabis plants are going to necessarily be the same.

To be able to get a new strain you need to cross one with another and from this the results can vary in which genetics and traits you would get from each of the parent cannabis plants. It's not always going to be that clear cut and sometimes you might get a perfect blend of the two whereas other times you will be able to see one of the parent cannabis strains really pulling through.

This is more easily noticeable with the crossing of more Indica & Sativa hybrids. Most notably you will see the difference in the way the cannabis plant grows and the shape and size it takes. It doesn't stop here however as you can then tell the difference between the smell and taste of the cannabis as well.

Phenotypes are specifically chosen when it comes to the breeding and cross breeding of plants based on their genetic stability as well as the taste, smell and effect of the cannabis plant. When choosing a marijuana plant to cross breed with you want to make sure that the phenotypes you are working with are top quality and strong or it will lead to problems further down the line when trying to reproduce more of it.

Phenotypes can be a funny thing and although you might get 3 different phenotypes from one pack of weed seeds it doesn't mean you are going to get those exact same 3 phenotypes the next time you purchase those cannabis seeds.

If you are on the hunt for new or better phenotypes when purchasing marijuana seeds be sure to look after the phenotype you really like as you never know, you might not be able to find it again!