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G13 Genius Feminised (8 Seeds)

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Brothers Grimm crossed two famous clone-only females to create a 100% female super-strain. The seed mother of this hybrid is Neville�s G13/Hashplant from The Seed Bank, circa 1990. The pollen came from silver-thiosulfate reversal of Mr. Soul�s Genius. The outstanding Airborne G13/HP clone has a flavour profile of lemon/lime with a sour milk undertone... which makes her a perfect complement to Mr. Soul�s Genius female (mother of the Apollo line) so we decided to combine them and thus create a 100% female strain with INCREDIBLE lemon/lime and sweet/sour flavors and aromas. The offspring showed minor variations as expected, however all pheno-types reliably expressed the desired amazing citrus flavors and aromas. The growth structure of the plants varies more than the bud quality - most are compact, bushy plants although some are taller - but all pheno-types share a citrus and sour flavor and aroma. These are large and vigorous plants with a sturdy structure that supports a lot of weight. The rich resin production of the G13 Genius makes the leaves and flowers look like they were frosted with sparkling white confectioner�s sugar.