Red Sapphire Ltd. Edition Feminised (5 Seeds)

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A hybrid with complex genetic heritage, containing 2 tropical pure sativas (Malawi and Jamaican), a dominant sativa (Nepalese) and a colourful indica hash plant from Central Asia (Pakistan Chitral Kush), which fuse their best qualities in a perfect sativa/indica equilibrium. Red Sapphire plants are sturdy and robust, growing to a manageable medium-size with thick stems and powerful side branches. A perfect moderate inter-nodal distance allows excellent light penetration throughout the plant, and it is able to sustain the heavy weight of the flowers during bloom without major problems, even in windy and rainy conditions. Despite being a polyhybrid, all plants have a uniform development, requiring the same care, and finishing with similar sizes and flowering times. 75% of the plants show the reddish phenotype described above, while 25% remain green until the end, producing aromas of pear and green apple. The buds are dense and medium/large in size, with excellent flower to leaf ratio (a pleasure to manicure), large and resinous calyxes, with a complex and exotic terpene profile (cherry, red fruit chewing gum, fine red wine and hashish), producing exuberant re-flowerings in the last 2 Weeks of bloom that crown its beauty and give it an exquisite final sativa touch.